Wizard Online Solutions optimises your Website to gain higher rankings and attains pinnacle exposure on all major Search Engines.


We at Wizard Online Solutions have researched and developed all the most current solutions to gain higher and effective rankings for your site (Optimisation). Your websites objective is to have a good sense of META data, links and content to encourage search engines to detect and value your website pages. Via our in house software we run an analytical report which diagnoses where your website needs help to allow it to be read and function to its best of ability.

The way the search engines recognise your website and begin to rank it well consists of many factors but the main thing we strive for is a balance, we will analyse your site using our software which breaks your site down and exposes all the detrimental issues it has and prohibits it to rank well. Wizard Online Solutions address these issues and carry out the work that is needed to give your site the best opportunity to rank without having to pay for expensive “pay per click” schemes which can be very costly and ineffective.

Major Search Engine Results

Google and all the major search engines look for authority pages and content to help promote website higher up the rankings, Search engines read content through websites, blogs and social media. If this content is written correctly the search engines will pick the content up and will create stronger rankings.

Our packages are based on the size of your site and specifically what work needs to be carried out, we don’t offer generic packages like most of our competitors as we know each website has been built and constructed differently, we target the main issues which are affecting your website position, in turn giving you the best exposure for your business to thrive.

We additionally look at your social media presence, in this day and age it is imperative that your site is linked with a strong sense of social media as this is the most used source of business.  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are now some of the biggest grossing companies on the planet and are used daily by over 1.4 billion people. Having this outlet for your site to link into will only gain more effective business and increase your websites presence.



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